It is important to have Demat Account in the present time, know what are its benefits and why it is important Posted by Jeevan Utsav on October 30, 2021

It is important to have Demat Account in the present time, know what are its benefits and why it is important

India has added 5.3 million investors till April 2020 and this figure is almost equal to the entire population of New Zealand. New demat accounts have been opened with the addition of new investors. The objective is to facilitate the investors by using electronic means. Trading with a demat account can be done much easier, faster and more securely and you can also ensure you keep track of investments and stocks.

Opportunity to embrace sectoral reforms

In the current scenario, the pandemic came as a havoc and today there is no country in the world which has not been affected by it. Such disruptions force economies to take a fresh look at their positions and also force investors to rethink their investments and ways of investing. There is no doubt that dealing with such difficult times requires a fresh look at our priorities, but it often also provides an opportunity to embrace sectoral reforms in the long run.

You get these facilities on Demat account

At present, a Demat account enables any investor to manage investments and transactions from the comfort of their home. In addition to this, there is also additional security for investors’ data and regulations and statutory compliance and thus the demat account emerges as a safe option for investing. Demat accounts also have authentication features that act as a safer and better option and eliminate the risk of theft, loss or damage associated with physical shareholding. Everything is conducted online in digital format and that is why demat account is extremely convenient and less time consuming.

You can monitor your investments

A demat account removes the hassles of investors and allows them to hold multiple securities in a single account. This makes it easy to keep track of all financial products under one roof. Since demat accounts can be operated electronically, investors get multiple options with them. This means that you can monitor your investments from anywhere. During the current challenging times, maintaining physical distancing is extremely important and with a demat account, you do not necessarily have to sit in front of a computer and access your investments using a laptop, smartphone, tablet or other such smart devices .

Apart from doing online transactions, the investor can update the enrollment records and bank and other personal details can also be updated. Also, email and SMS alerts are sent to the investors for every transaction which increases the security and dependability of the demat account.

Keep your email and mobile number updated to avail Demat

It is important to note that the email address and mobile number registered for the demat account are used for various verification purposes, important updates and for account restore. Hence it is also important to update the email address and mobile number to access all the features of the demat account. Thus, Demat accounts accompany you in a simple, fast and convenient way to manage investments. It connects all your stocks, mutual funds and other related investments in one place.

Demat accounts have adopted quick and simplified methods thus eliminating time-consuming processes. In short, Demat account enables ease of trading as well as paperless management of investments and complete transparency.

Manage your investments with ease

When we talk about online investment management through convenient, reliable and secure technology, a demat account is definitely given utmost importance during this pandemic. A Demat account provides an easy and time-saving and friendly and safe approach to manage investments. This way we can adopt Demat account as a simple, easy and reliable channel for financial planning.

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